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Day 117 (042711)
Mosaic Me.

Today’s selfportrait entry is technically seen a very old photo of me. I have used it to create a series of differently retouched versions of myself. I have been working on this series for several years now - whenever I have a new idea I just give it a go again. I think altogether I have created about 50 images so far. You can check out some of the best in this tumblr:!

BTW: I decided to dedicate todays “Mosaic me” to the fabulous Misty Belardo alias @mistygirlph, an amazing woman and writer for the online blog bitrebels (which is on my constant RT list, btw - you should check it out if you haven’t). She recently tweeted a link to a tool called “image mosaic generator” out which I loved very much and naturally had to use for my series too!  Thx for the inspiration, Misty and keep up the good work!

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